Hamilton Duncan is a Surrey based law firm that has, since its establishment, existed for its clients. By applying practical and creative thinking, our firm has succeeded in adding value for its clients. For over fifty years, our team at Hamilton Duncan has known Surrey, and the communities that surround it, and it continues to be the goal of the firm to positively contribute to these areas by giving back in various ways, such as volunteering, charitable work, and pro-bono legal activities.

Hamilton Duncan Armstrong + Stewart Law Corporation originated in 1959 as the firm of Jensen, Hamilton & Hamilton. Robert Jensen, Howie Hamilton, and Roger Hamilton practised under that name until 1962 when Howie Hamilton moved to Penticton where, in due course, he became a Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia. With the departure of Howie Hamilton, the firm became Jensen & Hamilton. Brian Duncan and Trevor Armstrong joined the firm in 1974, and 1978 respectively. They took over the practice when Robert Jensen became a Judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia in 1979 and renamed the firm Hamilton, Duncan & Armstrong.

James Stewart joined the firm in 1980 and, when he became a partner in 1983, the firm became Hamilton, Duncan, Armstrong & Stewart.

From 1993 to 1998, the firm merged its practice with Bull, Housser & Tupper and then resumed practice as Hamilton, Duncan, Armstrong + Stewart at the firm’s current office on the 14th Floor of Station Tower, Gateway, in Surrey, British Columbia.

Brent Stickland joined the partnership in 1998 and Tara Britnell joined in 2011. In 2014, we expanded our partnership to include Greg Palm and Robert Rogers. In January 2015, we welcomed David Hunter as a new partner. Our well-rounded partnership joins exceptional experience and talent with an innovative and proactive approach to assist our clients’ legal challenges.

Throughout its history, our firm has been dedicated to serving the needs of our clients and the business community. We are extremely proud of our deep roots in Surrey, and we are well known in our community. Our clients rely on us to provide legal advice of exceptional value, and we have the experience and inter-disciplinary teams needed to satisfy our clients’ legal needs, today and into the future.