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Tara Britnell is the Co-Chair of the Estate and Trust Litigation department.  She assists clients with the complete range of complex and challenging estate and trust cases, including undue influence and capacity claims, adult guardianship, construction and variation of wills and trusts, contentious estate administrations, and the identification and prevention of elder abuse.

Tara’s clients include executors, trustees, beneficiaries, people disappointed in a Will and those concerned about elder financial abuse. She understands the stress her clients experience in these often highly contentious disputes, and she excels at finding the most effective and efficient means of resolving these difficult situations.

Tara presents frequently on estate litigation topics to other lawyers and estates professionals. She has litigated at all levels of the court system and has extensive experience as counsel at mediations.

In recognition of her excellence as counsel and her contributions to the legal profession, Tara was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2020.



Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I feel much better and not so alone in this, so I very much appreciate it! – Robyn S.

You were super efficient and positive, making it easy to get this settled. – C. Baker

I noticed the steady, unrushed rhythm with which you took the judge through your evidence and observations. I listened to how, with conversational-style confidence, you included the judge in your story. Your pauses, unhurried delivery, and provision of back-up material, gave your words emphasis, allowed listeners to comfortably reorient their thoughts, and perhaps (I’m guessing) increased retention levels. The room’s tension served to emphasize your words. A few times I heard the judge murmur a question, then after it was answered it melted away. I heard your case develop out of dates and actions, rather than opinions and trash talk. Without  “Sturm und Drang” to muddy the waters, your perspective on events became the reasonable conclusion. – S. Cole

Consider this a rave review of your performance! The detailed and complete information you presented in the negotiation … was exceptional – Joyce and Bill Slemko

Work Highlights


  • All About Spouses: Conscious & Unconscious Coupling and Uncoupling (February 2018)
  • A Litigator’s View: The Floodgates Have Opened (June 2014)
  • Putting Things Right: How to Attack Financial Transactions (April 2013)
  • A Wills & Estate Refresher: Cocktail Party Questions (February 2012)
  • The Five Costliest Mistakes in Estate Planning – Tales From the Litigation Trenches (September 2012)
  • Estate Litigation: How Plans Go Astray (July 2009)



  • Co-Chair TLABC Estate and Family Law Conference,  2019
  • Co-Chair CBABC Wills and Estates Conference, 2019
  • Predatory Marriage webinar for TLABC, 2019
  • Pacific Business and Law Institute Seminar, “Estate Administration
    in the Courts A Review of Recent Cases”, January 2019
  • TLABC,  “All About Spouses: Conscious & Unconscious Coupling and Uncoupling”February 2018
  • Fraser Valley Estate Planning Council, “How to Successfully Cut Someone Out of Your Will”, March 2017
  • Hollis Wealth, “Estate Planning: How to Avoid Problems”, June 2015
  • TLABC, “WESA: The Floodgates Have Opened”, June 2014
  • Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, “WESA Overview”, February 2014
  • Surrey Bar Association, “WESA Changes Almost Everything”, February 2014
  • TLABC, “Putting Things Right: How to Attack Financial Transactions, April 2013


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  • LL.B, University of British Columbia (1988)
  • B.Comm, University of British Columbia (1988)

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  • British Columbia (1989)