Debt Collection & Foreclosure

Whether it is commercial loans, consumer loans, such as credit cards, mortgages, unpaid invoices or other trade credit, or other kinds of loans, the task of collecting amounts owed can be difficult for creditors without effective legal representation.

When it comes to collecting debts, whether secured or unsecured, Hamilton Duncan has the extensive experience our clients need to recover what is owed. With a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, and an established network of investigators, tracers, bailiffs, realtors, appraisers, and process servers, we are the premiere collections firm in the Fraser Valley and among the leaders in British Columbia. Our combination of experience, effectiveness, and value makes Hamilton Duncan a regular choice as counsel for all manner of creditors, including banks and other financial institutions, casinos, large corporations, and small business.

Occasionally, debtors make assignments into bankruptcy, or creditors are compelled to apply for bankruptcy orders in order to recover. Hamilton Duncan has the experience necessary to handle those kinds of issues, and we also routinely advise clients with respect to bankruptcy issues, represent creditors in existing bankruptcy proceedings, and act as counsel for clients in matters where bankruptcy orders need to be instigated in order to collect.

Our current clients include banks, debt collecting companies, and casinos.

Typical matters handled by our collection, foreclosure, and bankruptcy team include:

  • Proceedings for the recovery of credit card debts, lines of credit, and other personal loans
  • Residential and commercial foreclosures
  • Realization on security to recover on secured debts
  • Proceedings for the recovery of operating lines and other business loans
  • Claims by all types of businesses to recover payment for goods sold or services rendered
  • Applications for bankruptcy orders
  • General advice regarding bankruptcy and insolvency matters
  • Counsel work in connection with ongoing bankruptcy, and/or insolvency proceedings
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