Construction Litigation & Builders Liens

Our community is home to a booming construction industry, and we can assist our clients at every stage of construction projects. We work with real estate owners and developers, contractors and subtrades, engineering and architectural consultants, and material suppliers who are the links of the construction chain, from small builds and renovations, to larger building and capital projects.

If you are starting a project, we can help negotiate, draft, and advise on construction contracts, including CCDC standard form contracts and specialized construction agreements. We can mediate and litigate construction disputes. We have expertise in builders’ liens and the lawsuits that arise out of them. We draw on the experience of our solicitors and litigators from a variety of practice areas that are relevant to clients operating in the building and construction industries, including;

  • Construction contracts and negotiations on behalf of owners, developers, contractors and material suppliers
  • Builders’ liens and debt collection
  • Construction litigation
  • Residential, institutional, and commercial Development
  • Reviewing land acquisition contracts
  • Assisting in applications for zoning and other municipal dealings
  • Assisting in preparing contracts for use in potential sales
  • Assisting in preparing and filing land title and strata documents
  • Preparation and filing of builder’s liens and acting as counsel in builders’ lien issues
  • Negotiations, alternative dispute resolution and litigation services regarding construction disputes
  • Drafting of credit agreements, security agreements and creditor documentation
  • Negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and litigation services regarding construction disputes
  • Negotiations between public authorities and private sector bidders
  • Project insurance issues
  • Building Code disputes
  • Compliance and disputes arising from the new BC Building Act

Construction projects involve complex, multilayered relationships. We understand the vertical integration of the construction industry, and our experience with diverse construction clients means we know the disputes that can arise in construction projects, and we can identify, avoid, or resolve the ‘red flag’ issues. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help guide you and your company through the legal pitfalls that can occur in construction, and we can help make sure that your project runs smoothly from the outset.

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