Business Succession Planning

A good business plan is essential for the success and longevity of a great business. At Hamilton Duncan, we work with all types and all sizes of businesses, including incorporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

We can help you plan for transferring your business ownership and transitioning out of a business management role, while maintaining your financial security and ensuring your business succession plan is coordinated with your personal estate plan. We can advise on the various legal issues that arise on succession, and also help you maximize tax saving opportunities.

In particular, we can assist you with:

  • Structuring your succession plan, such as through an estate freeze or gradual share sale
  • Drafting the necessary documents to implement your chosen plan
  • Arranging trusts, such as a discretionary family trust or an alter ego trust
  • Financing of an exit, such as through a business sale
  • Coordinating your plan with other advisors, such as accountants and investment advisors
  • Tax minimization
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