COVID-19 Safety Plan

By the order of the Provincial Health Officer in British Columbia, all organizations must implement a COVID-19 Safety Plan for their operations in accordance with guidance from WorkSafeBC.

This COVID-19 Safety Plan sets out the measures that we have implemented inside the office to keep our office as safe as possible during the pandemic and is available on our intranet and the company website.

Risk Assessment

We have involved management and human resources in assessing the risks at Hamilton Duncan. Staff concerns that are brought to the attention of management are also assessed by on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Areas where employees gather, such as break rooms and meeting rooms have been analyzed and we have identified processes that workers are in close proximity to one another or to members of the public. 


  • Equipment that is shared by workers such as printers, office supplies, coffee machines, etc. has been identified. 


  • We have identified surfaces that are touched often including door handles, elevator buttons, light switches, etc. 


Implement Protocols to Reduce the Risks

  • We have reviewed industry specific protocols on and we have reviewed orders and guidance issued by the provincial health officer which are relevant to our industry. The protocols that are applicable to the risks of our office include: Building access, workplace operations, workstations, communal spaces, outside visitors, deliveries, and elevator use. 


  • We have gathered input from management in implementing protocols, and review industry specific guidance available through the BC Legal Management Association as it becomes available. 


First Level Protection (Elimination)

  • We have established an occupancy limit for our premises in areas that congestion can occur. Meetings rooms are at fifty percent capacity, and washrooms allow a maximum of two individuals at one time. Refer to the the COVID-19 Safety Protocols Document. 


  • We have marked seating unavailable in lunchrooms where distance cannot be maintained.


  • Work from home schedules have been implemented and are reviewed regularly by Human Resources and the Chief Operating Officer.


  • We have requested all meetings take place virtually, when possible.


  • Food intended for communal consumption is prohibited.


  • Employees are required to do a self-check questionnaire prior to entering the firm’s premises. Details on the questionnaire can be found in the COVID-19 Admission Policy document.


  • Visitors are required to complete a questionnaire prior to entering the firm’s premises, and are required to do a temperature check with a touchless thermometer prior to entry.


Second Level Protection (Engineering Controls): 

  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed in reception areas, between staff workstations, meeting rooms, and areas of risk within the office. 


  • We have amended our seating plan where barriers cannot be installed. 


  • The barriers require special approval from management to be moved or altered in any way. 


  • A barrier cleaning is included in our cleaning protocols. 


Third Level Protection (Administrative Controls): 

  • We have identified rules and guidelines for how workers should conduct themselves, and we have clearly communicated these guidelines to employees. Refer to the COVID-19 Safety Protocols Document. 


Fourth Level of Protection (PPE): 

  • Masks are a mandatory measure within our premises and staff have been provided with a mask. Additional masks are available on site for firm personnel and visitors. Instructions on how to wear a mask are provided on the intranet.


  • Additional protective equipment (i.e. gloves, face shields) are also available upon request. 


Implement Effective Cleaning and Hygiene Practices 

We are maintaining a clean environment in the workplace through routine cleaning practices. 

Our workplace has handwashing facilities on site for all our workers in our breakrooms and in the restrooms on each floor. Handwashing locations are visible, easily accessed and are regularly stocked with handwashing soap. 

  • All employees must wash their hands upon arrival to the office, before and after breaks, after using shared equipment, and after using the restroom. 


  • A schedule for disinfecting plexiglass barriers and high touch points around the office (door handles, light switches, shared office equipment, coffee machines, etc.) has been implemented, and all meeting rooms are disinfected after each use. 


  • A schedule for disinfecting plexiglass barriers and high touch points around the office (door handles, light switches, shared office equipment, coffee machines, etc.) has been implemented, and all meeting rooms are disinfected after each use.


  • We provide personal protective equipment and training for staff that are required to disinfect the office.


  • We use disinfectants that are approved by the government as listed here.


  • Employees are provided their own disinfectant solution for their personal workspaces, and their own personal sanitizer, both of which are refilled on a biweekly basis.



We have developed the following policies to address COVID-19 in the workplace: 


All of these policies are available on the firm’s intranet or upon request. 

Communication Plans and Training

All workers have received the policies for staying home when sick. Employees are also informed on where they can locate the COVID-19 Safety Plan and all the COVID-19 policies. 

  • New employees attend orientation in which they are trained on the current protocols and procedures in effect, and this is communicated to them prior to their first day. 


  • The management team has communicated the updated policies and procedures to the firm’s lawyers to ensure the new protocols are enforced by all supervisory positions. 


  • Regular communications are posted on the firm intranet and sent via email when adjustments to the protocols are made. 

More Questions?

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